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Trilogy Playlist for July 9, 2014

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1. Steve Lacy, Kent Carter, Andrea Centazzo – “Bone (Tao 3)” from In Concert, Ictus Records, 2005 (rec. 1976)

2.  Steve Lacy, Kent Carter, Andrea Centazzo – “Underline” from Lost in June, Ictus Records, 2012 (rec. 1977)

3. John Coltrane  – “Tranesonic (alt. take)” from Stellar Regions, Impulse Records, 1995 (rec. 1967)

4. Anna Homler, Mike Vlatkovitch, Rich West, Jeff Kaiser, Scott Walton – “Before but After” from Here, Here & Here, PfMentum 2014

5. The Lounge Lizards – “My Trip to Ireland” from No Pain For Cakes, Antilles Records, 1987

6. Daniel Rosenboom Quintet – “With Fire Eyes” from Fire Keeper, Orenda Records, 2014

7. Tom Waits – “Midtown” from Rain Dogs, Island Records, 1985

8. Andrew Hill – “15/8” from Dusk, Palmetto Records, 2000

9. Cathlene Pineda – “Earlier Than We Thought” from A Week’s Time, Orenda Records, 2014

10. Oliver Messiaen (performed by Jeanne Loriod) – “Superimposition of the Water and the Rockets” Deutsche Grammophon 2008 (rec. 1980).

11. Art Ensemble of Chicago – “Proverbes (i)” from Les Stances a Sophie, EMI 1970

12. Dottie Grossman and Mike Vlatkovich – “What Henny Youngman Loves Best About America” from Call & Response & Friends, PfMentum 2010

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