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Trilogy Playlist July 30th, 2014

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1. Idris Muhammad – “Power of Soul” from Power of Soul, Kudu Records, 1974

2. Giorgio Gaslini – “Discipline 27” from Gaslini Plays Sun Ra, Soul Note Records, 2008

3. Giorgo Gaslini Quartet – “Posto delle idee” from 5 Donne per L’assassino, Cinevox records, 1975

4. Old and New Dreams – “Song for Whales” from Old and New Dreams, ECM, 1979

5. Empty Cage Quartet – “Taming the Power of the Great” from Empty Cage Quartet, Prefecture, 2012

6. Grex – “Little Wika Big Feet” from Monster Music, Brux Records, 2014

7. Graham Connah’s Jettison Slinky – “Spreadin’ the Guilt Around” from The Only Song We Know, Evander Records, 2001

8. Frank Zappa – “Little Umbrellas” from Hot Rats, Bizarre/Reprise, 1969

9. Falsetto Teeth – “Boiling High Idol” from Boiling High Idol, 2013

10. Battles – “Ddiamondd” from Mirrored, Warp Records, 2007

11.  Melt Banana – “A Finger to Hackle” from Scratch or Stitch, Meldac Records 1995 (Reissued by Skin Graft, 2002)

12. Boredoms – “Bore Now Bore” from Pop Tatari, Warner Music, 1992

13. Charlie Haden with Ed Blackwell and Don Cherry – “When Will the Blues Leave” from Montreal Tapes, Verve, 1994 (recorded 1989)

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