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Trilogy Playlist 8/20/2014

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1. Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet – “One for Ra” from self-titled LP on Epigraph Records, 2013

2. Trevor Anderies – “Vermillion” from Shades of Truth, 2013

3. Tom Varner – “Search for Sanity” from Long Night Big Day,New World, 1991

4. Cory Wright Outfit – “Low Impact Critter” from Apples + Oranges, Singlespeed Music, 2013

5. Jimmy Giuffre 3 – “Trance” From Flight, Bremen 1961, Hat Hut 1992

6. Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch – “(A Letter to) Mrs. Alice May Williams” – from Comeuppance, Nottwo Records, 2013

7. Susie Ibarra – “Human Beginnings” from Flower After Flower, Tzadik, 2000

8. The Julius Hemphill Sextet – “Three-Step” from Fat Man and the Hard Blues, Black Saint, 1992

9. Cathlene Pineda – “Waltz” from A Week’s Time, Orenda, 2014

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