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Trilogy Playlist for 11/12/24

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1. Cecil Taylor / Buell Neidlinger – “Cindy’s Main Mood” from New York City R&B, Candid Records, 1961

2. John Coltrane  – “Leo” from Offering: Live at Temple University, Resonance Records, 2104 (rec. 1966)

3. Vinny Golia, Marco Eneidi, Lisa Mezzacappa, Vijay Anderson – “Prisoner of a Gaudy and Unlivable Present” from Hell-Bent in the Pacific, No Business Records, 2012

4. Glenn Horiuchi – “Oxnard Beet” from Oxnard Beet, Soul Note, 1992

5. The Jazz Passengers – “Basketball Fish” from Deranged & Decomposed, Les Disques Crepuscule,1988

6. Andrea Centazzo – “The Soul in the Mist”  from Ictus Nights at the Stone, Vol. 1, Ictus Records, 2012

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