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Trilogy Playlist 3/9/16

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  1. Naná Vasconcelos – “Africadeus” from Africadeus Saravah Records, 1973
  2. Ornette Coleman – “Beauty is a Rare Thing” from This is Our Music, Atlantic Records, 1961
  3. Eve Egoyan – “Thoughts and Desires” from Thoughts and Desires, Earwitness Editions, 2015
  4. Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – “Scarab” from Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble II.
  5. Eve Egoyan – “Cockeyed Dances II” from Eric Satie: Hidden Corners, CBC Musica Viva, 2002
  6. Société de musique contemporaine du Québec – “Homonymy”, 1998
  7. Tetsu Inoue and Carl Stone ‎- “#.transparency” from pict.soul, c74 ‎2001
  8. Jonathan Rowden – “The Long Road Home” from Becoming, Orenda Records, 2014

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