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Trilogy Playlist for 3/16/16

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  1. Roberto Miranda Ensemble – “A Little Pain” from With Groanings Too Deep For Words, Miguel Music, 2002
  2. Curtis Fowlkes Catfish Corner – “Ashe” from Reflect, Knitting Factory, 1999
  3. Dana Reason – “Near Not Yet Known” from Reasoning,
  4. David Murray Octet – “The Hill” from Ming, Black Saint, 1980
  5. World Saxophone Quartet – “Georgia Blue” from Live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Black Saint, 1986
  6. Tim Berne – “SEP” from Tim Berne’s Fractured Fairytales, JMT Records, 1989
  7. Lee Hyla – “We Speak Etruscan” from We Speak Etruscan, New World Records, 1996
  8. Susie Ibarra – “Lakbay Awit Sa Trabaho” from Folklorico, Tzadik Records, 2004
  9. Steve Lehman Trio – “Fumba Rebel” from Dialectic Flourescent, Pi Records, 2011
  10. Ensemble Musica Negativa – “Electric Spring 2” Composed by Christian Wolff, from Music Before Revolution, Odeon Records, 1972
  11. David Bowie – “Blackstar” from Blackstar ★, ISO, 2016
  12. Graham Connah’s Jettison Slinky – “Idyll Acid Artbor”from The Only Song We Know, Evander Music, 2001
  13. Frank Zappa and Mother’s of Invention – “Andy” from One Size Fits All, Zappa Records, 1975
  14. Art Bears – “Freedom” from The World As It Is Today, Re Records, 1981
  15. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer – “Karn Evil 9, 3rd Impression” from Brain Salad Surgery, Manticore Records, 1973
  16. Adam Rudolph’s Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra – “Specular” from Turning Toward The Light, Cuneiform Records, 2015

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