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Trilogy Playlist – June 1, 2016

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The music Henry Threadgill in Air
(part 3 of a 3 part examination of Threadgill’s compositions)

  1. New Air – “Air Show” from Air Show No. 1, Black Saint, 1986
  2. New Air – “Roll On” from Live at Montreal International Jazz Festival, Black Saint, 1984
  3. Air – “80° Below ’82” from 80° Below ’82, Antilles, 1982
  4. Air – “Paille Street” from Air Lore, Arista Novus, 1979
  5. Air – “Abra” from Montreux Suisse, Arista Novus, 1978
  6. Air – “Card Four: Strait White Royal Flush…78” from Open Air Suit, Arista Novus, 1978
  7. Air – “I’ll Be Right Here Waiting…” (composed by Steve McCall)  from Air Time, Nessa Records, 1978
  8. Air – “Be Ever Out” from Live Air, Black Saint, 1980
  9. Air – “Dance of the Beast” from Air Song, Why Not, 1975

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