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Trilogy playlist 2/4/15

1. Sun Ra – “World of Myth I” from My Brother the Wind II, Saturn Records, 1970.

2. The Matthew Yeakley Group – “Peru” from Clean Numbers, Orenda Records, 2014

3. Austin Peralta – “Algeirs” from Endless Planets, Brainfeeder, 2011

4. Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory – Nine to Get Ready” from Nine to Get Ready, ECM, 1999

4. Holy Seven – “Apart” from Titling, Barnyard Records, 2014

5. Steve Lehman Octet – “13 Colors” from Mise en Abîme, Pi Records, 2014

6. Wadada Leo Smith and Ed Blackwell – “Seeds of a Forgotten Flower” from The Blue Mountain’s Sun Drummer, Kabell, 2010 (rec. 1986)

7. Cathleen Pineda – “Benjamin Adams” from A Week’s Time, Orenda Records, 2014

8. Graham Connah’s Jettison Slinky – “Sedimental Churning” from The Only Song We Know, Evander Records, 2001

9. Ben Grossman Macrophone: aleatoric solo duets for electro​-​acoustic hurdy gurdy  [excerpt], 2014.